So I am pretty sure I have lost it.

Okay, I am so far behind at this point it feels like I should just toss my hands up and admit defeat. I can barely remember some of the books I read and really just want a fresh start. All the books I read in 2017 are listed on the book list page. I also have begun my 2018 list, which is admittedly quite pathetic. That being said unless I get a specific request for one of the books I read in 2017, then I am going to let those be. I am going to be moving into 2018 books and I am going to make a strong effort to write the reviews as soon as I have finished the book.

Other changes will be coming as well, but this blog will still be focused on women, female authors, and books. It will also start to be a little more personal in that I will be adding blog posts about ADHD. I have ADHD and struggle with it on a regular basis and given the lack of awareness about adult ADHD and women with ADHD, I figure my experience may be relatable to other women out there with a distracted mind.

An introductory post on my own ADHD is coming soon.


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